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Ship’s Agency Services are services that the Agent provides to a ship owner or charterer—the Principal—acting as their local representative and protecting their interests in the port based on a relevant contract. The Principal authorizes the Agent to act on its behalf in a wide range of matters: coordinating the berthing time and order with port services, cargo handling, ensuring compliance with quarantine / customs clearance and other border control procedures, filing relevant documents, etc.

Ship Agency Services include, but are not limited to, the following services:

  • handling all routine formalities set forth by law or by port authorities for ships calling in the ports, including payment of sea port and customs dues, charges, potential fines, etc.;
  • technical support: repairs, bunkering, fresh water and food supply, etc.;
  • cargo handling operations, cargo acceptance and transfer, berthing arrangements;
  • freight settlement;
  • facilitating the ship servicing and filing all required cargo documents when due;
  • assisting the ship owner / captain with crew changes, crew transfer logistics, tickets booking, accommodation, hospitalization and repatriation, where required;
  • arranging for pilots, tugs and berths;
  • representing the ship owner’s interests in dispute settlement;
  • informing the ship owner (operator) regularly on the ship arrival/departure, cargo handling operations progress or repair work status;
  • supervising stevedoring operations.

about us

Marine Ship’s Agency ‘Sakhalin-Flot-Service’ is one of the most reputable and reliable marine ship’s agencies in Sakhalin ports. Our agency, though not the largest, is a well-organized dedicated company with a flexible operational policy and an enthusiastic team of professionals aimed at providing highly efficient services to the full satisfaction of our clients.

It is the policy of our company to deliver true quality and enhanced customer experience. We are available 24/7. Ship owners, operators and charterers may rest assured that our experienced agents, having effective contacts within the regulators, port operators and local authorities, would be able to offer a correct and appropriate solution in any challenging situation.

Taking into account our well-established business relations with port captains, port services, berth operators, stevedores, customs, border guard and migration services, the Company is in position to optimize our ship agency services in a way that all parties concerned are always kept informed to ensure their complete understanding of the matter in question.

Marine Ship’s Agency ‘Sakhalin Flot Service’ is vastly experienced in preparing and coordinating export and import transactions, including customs clearance of ships, equipment, spare parts, tools and accessories and other cargoes; it has good knowledge of procedures applied in permitting bodies and regulators, and can seamlessly meet ship owners’ needs related to cargo storage, forwarding and processing.

Our specialists provide visa and immigration assistance, arrange transfer and accommodation in hotels for foreign and Russian citizens. Within the season of 2014-2015, we provided 1000 letters of invitation to visit the Russian Federation for foreign residents (including crewmembers), assisted a great number of clients with obtaining laissez-passers to the frontier zone and foreign-flag ships, work permits for working in the Russian Federation.

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